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goalsJohn Dewey once said, “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another”.

It’s almost December ! New year is right around the corner! What is your 2014 resolutions? Did you guys achieve all the goals from last year? Life is about living! Set goals that motivate you and makes you happy.

Make sure the goal is important to you, which means there is a high value in achieving them. To make sure your goals are motivating, write down why it is important to you. Moreover, set a SMART goal – Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bond.

Goals can not be generalized that does not have sufficient path. Make sure that you put precise dates and amounts to measure your degree of accomplishments.

Be realistic and set a goal that is attainable. Don’t under or over estimate your abilities. Set a goal you can achieve if you worked hard at it.

Setting relevant goal means setting goals that are aligned with your life or career.

Your goals must have deadline! so you can celebrate your success. Deadline give people urgency to increase productivity.

Tips: Have a calendar and plan ahead. Make an action plan. Write goals out and stick with it. To keep yourself on track, keep reminding yourself!

Set goals for 2014! and stick with it!

Step by step!


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